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Do dress light – wear the minimum – you WILL get warm. A common mistake is wearing too much. Often you see runners in the latter half of races with scarves, jumpers, even jackets tied around their waists. Leave extra gear in the car.

Don’t eat anything you wouldn’t normally eat the day before the race. The day before is not the time to experiment with new foods/drinks.

Do eat a little extra carbohydrate the day before. Most people will take 90 minutes or longer yo run a half marathon. Therefore a little amount of carb loading is necessary for optimum performance.

Don’t do any excessively “hard” or “long” runs in the days leading up to the race. These would only be counterproductive so close to the big day.

Do stay well hydrated the day before and the morning of the race.

Don’t try the brand new runners on race day. If they haven’t been well broken in – leave them at home and race in what you’re used to training in.

Do have a target pace in mind. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Having a pre race REALISTIC goal is important.

Don’t get swept along in the excitement of the start and go off too quickly. While it might seem “grand” for the first few miles – if you run too quickly early on, it will catch up with you. Stick to the pre race target!

Do ENJOY IT as much as possible! Relax and try to be calm – you’ll run better for it!

Do eat a high carbohydrate and protein snack/drink very soon after the race. Rehydrate throughout the day, sipping liquids, and get a good quality meal within 2 hours of finishing the race

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