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T.E.A.M. was founded by a group of people from Mullingar who had the vision to identify the need for a space where homeless women and children could feel safe and secure. The ethos of the charity is to respect the intrinsic value of everyone who comes to live in Teach Fáilte. Our highly trained and motivated staff works with each family to help empower them to make a positive move to a more permanent housing solution.

Since Teach Fáilte opened in Mullingar in 2009 we have seen almost 500 women an in excess of 700 children pass through our doors and the demand for our services is stronger than ever. The downturn in the economy contributed directly to this growth in demand, with financial stress and unemployment leading many people to seek out our services. Initially, we catered for homeless women and children from the Mullingar Area, but over the years our services have expanded to cater for the midland counties of Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. Coupled with the geographical expansion of, and the ever increasing demand for our services, our funding has endured cuts every year for the past number of years. All of this has led to a financial crisis for T.E.A.M. to the unfortunate extent that the continuation of the services is a real struggle.