Training plan by Maurice Looby

The Maurice Looby Training Plan

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E = easy paced run – a run at a pace you can hold a conversation at, but slightly quicker than your long run pace.

LSR = long slow run – time spent on the legs is what’s important here – NOT speed. These runs are to build stamina, and are probably the most important run of the week.
Speed work – this is to get you OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Breathing should feel difficult – if it doesn’t, run faster! These sessions should be run at your 5k race pace or faster. Speed sessions usually have a recovery built in to them, so the heart rate rises and falls fairly sharply. These sessions are great for building speed endurance, and together with the long run are they are THE two vital sessions per week.
S = steady paced run. Only intermittent conversation possible here – a little quicker than the Easy run.


2018 Training Plan coming soon.